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Your first-party data is a lifeline for advertisers

And now you can open their eyes to its value. This means delivering high quality, privacy-safe data at scale – and being ready to collaborate the moment advertisers reach out.

Stay one step ahead in a privacy-conscious world

As privacy concerns reset the ad industry, this is your chance to safeguard your future success with powerful data collection, collaboration, analysis and activation. All made possible in a privacy-safe ecosystem, by Permutive’s Audience Platform.

Prioritize your first-party data

Collect, model and analyse large volumes of data that update in real time. With no links to third-party cookies or IDs, your data stays in your control.

Connect securely to advertisers

Match audiences with advertisers via Permutive Vaults to understand and target their users on your domain – while we safeguard you from data exposure.

Discover privacy-safe cohorts

Target groups of users by common attributes, not individual IDs. With full control over cohorts, you can safeguard users and your value as a data owner.

Who guards the guardians of data?

Permutive does. Our Audience Platform safeguards your user data from third-party eyes to safeguard your value as a result.

It allows you to scale and connect to advertisers while protecting user privacy, without surrendering data to tech giants or leaking it into the ecosystem for others to aggregate.

Permutive works because of on-device processing

On-device (or edge) processing performs important computations on a user’s device, rather than broadcasting their data to the cloud. It keeps sensitive information where it belongs, and brings these significant benefits of speed and scale in its place.

Effortless scale

Target all authenticated and anonymous traffic everywhere, without cookies, to maximize reach and targetable inventory for you and your advertisers.

100% match rate

Take segmentation and analysis from overnight to real-time. Our platform works in-session for perfect match rates even on passerby traffic.

Unrivalled insights

Live campaign analysis and unlimited lookbacks deliver unique audience insights that boost inventory value and give you an edge in RFPs.


Permutive integrates in real-time with a host of partners.


Increase in Publisher Cohort targeting since Jan 2020

Publisher Cohorts are the future of targeting

A “cohort” is a group of anonymized users who share common characteristics. We pioneered their use for audience targeting – our edge technology categorizes users into publisher-defined cohorts instantly, on-device. With no user IDs in the cloud, personal information is never exposed, and your data remains yours.

The first to the party in first-party data

Permutive has always been a safe foundation for publisher growth. We revolutionized the Data Management Platform with our privacy-first edge infrastructure and dedicated a team of Customer Success experts to help publishers like you win with first-party data, from day one.

“Working with Permutive has helped us to unlock the value of our first-party data and opened new doors for us with advertisers.” Jana Meron, SVP Programmatic & Data Strategy, Insider Inc.