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Increase conversions by reacting to your users in real-time

From on-site marketing through to in-app advertising, Permutive is the centralised, scalable and fast platform for real-time personalisation.

Permutive is the platform for real-time personalization

Assembling a single source of customer data, then reacting to it in real-time is hard.
With Permutive you can do it in minutes...

Stop cart abandonment

Drive conversion by using Permutive to capture users' email addresses and target them with personalised emails.

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Segment User Experiences

Identify your most value customer segments, and tailor their product experience. All in a couple of lines of code.

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User Streams & Segments

There are two concepts that power real-time personalization, user streams and segments.

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Your data is more valuable when it's not in silos

Don't worry if your data is spread across different systems. Permutive seamlessly integrates with the tools your organisation loves and makes it easy to use.


Create segments and collect engagement data

Your Databases

Effortlessly move any data in or out of Permutive

Google Doubleclick

Create audience segments and collect performance data

Google BigQuery

Run analysis on your data in a managed warehouse

An open platform with a simple and scalable API

If you're a developer, real-time personalisation starts with permutive.track and permutive.query.

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