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The Permutive
Audience Platform

Your data has never been more valuable

To protect yourself against the impact of privacy change, you must protect your data. While browsers and regulators shake up the ad industry, Permutive’s Audience Platform allows publishers and advertisers to strengthen and action their valuable data, all while keeping it safe.

Safeguarding data owners with a privacy-first infrastructure

For publishers:
Connect with advertisers securely. Plan with audience insights. Build privacy-safe cohorts. Activate 100% of your audience everywhere, without exposing any data.

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For advertisers:
Connect with premium publishers and target standardized cohorts. One privacy-safe point of access to reach your full audience with precision, scale, and transparency.

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The full picture, in real time

This is a place to plan, build and activate your digital advertising campaigns at speed and scale, without any privacy concerns.

Privacy by design

End your use of third-party cookies and exposed user IDs for good. Activate 100% of your audience while fully safeguarded from privacy risks and industry change.


A fragmented, changeable ecosystem requires flexibility. Transform any identifier you work with into privacy-safe formats for matching through to activation.

Speed and scale

No cloud processing, no cloud limitations. Maximize storage, accelerate processing, and minimize latency for immediate insights and audience targeting.

“Whatever you think you know about your product or your audience, you haven't scratched the surface of what's possible.” David Hayter, Programmatic, Data and Technology Director at The Stylist Group

The Audience Platform makes this – and more – possible.

Get to know your cohorts

To avoid exposing user data, you’ll be dealing with “cohorts” rather than individual customers. Cohorts are grouped by mutual characteristics and stripped of user IDs before they enter the network. They also scale across 100% of visitors, not just the limited number of logged-in users.

Edge processing makes this possible

Our Audience Platform takes advantage of on-device processing, which performs sensitive computations on a user’s own device instead of sending their personal data to the cloud. You’ll be placing the privacy and immediacy of edge processing at the heart of your campaigns.

From first-class graduates of the GDPR age
For legacy solutions trading privacy for performance, there are no quick fixes. We built Permutive from scratch to be highly performant in a world where privacy comes first. Our Audience Platform is proof that you can have the best of both worlds.