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Relieving Data Deprecation And Identity Challenges

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Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot, commissioned by Permutive

Data deprecation is going to completely upend digital marketing. Between privacy regulations and the removal of third-party cookies from Chrome, it’s going to be difficult for brands to collect and activate data at scale. Amid the chaos, there are opportunities for brands and publishers to adopt privacy-by-design and embrace identity solutions that protect consumer data. 

To find out how brands and publishers are preparing for what’s to come, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to uncover trends around identity in advertising today, and how the industry can rebuild itself for tomorrow. We surveyed over 100 advertisers and over 100 publishers in the US and UK about their current data strategies and challenges. 

Download ‘Relieving Data Deprecation And Identity Challenges today for the full results and insight into: 

  • The rate of adoption of first-party data by advertisers 
  • How publishers are preparing for the demise of third-party cookies   
  • Why direct partnerships can ease data deprecation and identity issues 

You’ll also find insights into why US and UK brands and publishers are putting consumer trust at the heart of future data strategies, and three ways to tackle data deprecation.