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Data Management Platform (DMP)


increase in targetable inventory


increase in data-driven advertising revenue


increase in programmatic ad revenue


increase in sponsorship revenue

To convince advertisers why they should spend with you ahead of the Facebook and Google duopoly, you need to compete with the user scale and insights they offer. Permutive’s DMP gives you both scale and insights.

Never undervalue your audience again

Effortless scale

Target traffic from all sources, including the 50% from the hidden web where third-party cookies are blocked, to increase targetable inventory.

100% match rate

Take segmentation and analysis from overnight to real-time. Our DMP works in-session for perfect match rates even on passerby traffic.

Unique insights

Live campaign analysis and unlimited lookbacks deliver unique audience insights that boost inventory value and give you an edge in RFPs.

How Permutive makes it possible

As a publisher, you’re sitting on so many valuable users and rich data on their interests and intent. You just need to collect, analyze and activate the data. Built on edge processing, Permutive's DMP makes it possible.

First-party data

It does away with third-party cookies, so your entire audience becomes visible. Including those on Safari and Firefox.

In-session targeting

It processes data in milliseconds. Fast enough to target people in-session on their first visit, even when they’re just passing by.

Unlimited lookback

Say farewell to 30 day lookbacks. Historical data means more detailed insights, and a more accurate picture of users.

“Before Permutive, we were 80% blind to the audience across our network. Now we are seeing that 80%, we are unlocking audiences we couldn't activate in real-time before. ” Dominic Perkins, Digital Advertising Strategy Director, Immediate Media


Permutive integrates in real-time with a host of partners.

Why publishers need the edge

Facebook and Google control two thirds of all digital ad spend. But advertisers crave an alternative. Permutive helps savvy publishers overcome challenges with the way our online habits are changing to take advantage of this opportunity.

User privacy

Third-party cookies are being blocked by browsers, users and regulators, leaving publishers blind to 50%+ of their audience.

Fleeting users

70%+ only visit a publisher's site for seconds each month, if you can't activate them in milliseconds the opportunity's gone.