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Join the future of targeted advertising on the open web

Your reach doesn't have to disappear as third-party cookies do. Our Audience Platform connects you directly to publishers for a privacy-safe way to reach your full audience - authenticated or otherwise.

It’s time for a new targeting strategy.

Privacy is driving unstoppable change. Today, 40% of users on the open web are unreachable on Safari and Firefox. This number will only increase – and this anonymous open web is where users will spend most of their time.

In this new world, you’ll need to safeguard your success with a way to reach 100% of your consumers and monetize your data.

One streamlined point of access

Permutive’s Full Audience Platform gives you immediate access to all addressable Open Web consumers. Target across premium publishers with precision and scale, while safeguarding data privacy. No third-party cookies required.

You can connect with hundreds of publishers securely and effortlessly via a single point of access for unparalleled audience data, insights, and full transparency.

Designed for privacy,
from the
ground up

The edge technology at the core of Permutive delivers exceptional speed, scale and privacy by processing data on-device and off the network. This allows our infrastructure, and your campaigns, to act upon more time-sensitive data without exposing sensitive IDs.

Built for an ID-less world

Eliminate risk and pre-empt regulatory change with a platform architected for a world without universal identifiers.

Zero data leakage

Safeguard everyone’s data, all the time. Match data for insight and activation without exposing it to publishers, or third-parties.

Full data control

Your data - and your value - is safe. Data never exits the platform, so you maintain control all the way from insights through to activation.

Trusted partners

We’ve spent years helping publishers succeed with their first-party data, and we’ve got the tools and experience to do the same for you.

Unlock the value of your customer data.

Harmonise scaled targeting of standardized audiences across hundreds of premium publishers

Reach the full open web, not just the limited number of logged-in users

Use your own first-party data to match across publisher sites in a privacy-safe, secure environment

Scale your reach through end-to-end automation

Model on the edge for high-precision targeting

“We're shifting to an audience-first advertising strategy. But we want to do it the right way. What Permutive are doing is incredible.” Rachel Mervis, Global Programmatic Lead, Nestlé

With Permutive, advertisers benefit from:

Unmatched access

One unified platform for seamless audience targeting across hundreds of publishers.

Activation at scale

Reach 100% of users - anonymous and authenticated - without third-party cookies.

Quantity and quality

Unrivalled speed, accuracy and privacy, rich volumes of data, and models which update in milliseconds.

Years of expertise

Trusted partners for established, purpose-built technology, and first-party data strategy support.