Find out how much of your data-driven ad revenue is at risk

February 17, 2021 1 min read

  • Mike O'Keeffe

    Demand Generation Manager at Permutive

  • Soon third-party cookies will no longer be available for audience targeting. Without that data, publishers’ audiences won’t hold the same value in the Open Marketplace (OMP) and it means 95% of the web will become anonymous to advertisers.    

    To help publishers see how much of their data-driven ad revenue is at risk, we’ve created an interactive third-party cookie calculator. 

    The amount of revenue a publisher may lose, as a result of browser changes, is dependent on many variables and individual strategies. This calculator allows publishers to adjust some of these variables to understand the impact on their business. Enter an email address to receive the results in your inbox and share the findings with colleagues. 

    Try the cookie calculator now