How Livingly Media improved scale, performance and the viewability of its ad campaigns

The company

Livingly Media is the definitive publisher for women seeking inspiration on things that matter most to them. Based in Silicon Valley, Livingly Media’s properties include: Livingly, Mabel + Moxie, Lonny, It's Rosy, StyleBistro, and Zimbio. This portfolio of brands aims to inspire and entertain women across all life stages, reaching an audience of 20 million each month.

The challenge

Prior to implementing Permutive, Livingly Media didn’t have a DMP. Although the publisher had received client feedback about how valuable its audiences and content were, it was only able to share limited audience data. It was unable to collect or monetize its first-party audiences for these brands and also knew it needed to prepare the business for a future without third-party cookies. It was also heavily reliant on selling its inventory in open marketplaces and had limited direct relationships with advertisers. Livingly Media’s goals were to differentiate its audiences, revamp sales partnerships and drive higher value for advertisers.

"Permutive has allowed Livingly Media to unlock niche first-party audiences and uncover trends on user behavior, enabling long standing relationships with leading marketers."

Jonathan Penn, SVP Revenue, Livingly Media

The solution

Livingly Media invested in Permutive at the peak of the pandemic. The publisher decided to use the opportunity to prepare for the future. It wanted to ensure that it would thrive when the advertising market recovered. It also wanted to meet the needs of advertisers that were looking for specific audiences. Its strategy was to invest in technology across all parts of the business. A big priority was making sure each part of the organization was onboard with the platform and had the same goal. It focused on developing a standard taxonomy and improving its market messaging and offering, ensuring that it could deliver value to new brands.   

Since going live, Livingly Media has been able to uncover previously unavailable first-party audiences. It has created packages for a range of clients who are looking to reach affluent female audiences. It has collected a wealth of contextual and behavioral data on its users and analyzed advertiser information to better understand their requirements. 

Reducing reliance on third-party data

Livingly Media has taken an innovative approach to allow advertisers to shift to its first-party data. It provides advertisers with the option to test its first-party data against existing third-party audiences. Brands can see the results for themselves and are empowered to make data driven decisions. After comparing inventory, one large CPG brand naturally gravitated towards using first-party data to reach niche audiences and inventory across all browsers. The brand increased spend with Livingly, who helped them reduce reliance on third-party data and wasted impressions while also increasing scale using premium accurate data.

Creating bespoke packages for advertisers

Having Permutive’s DMP allows Livingly Media to gain more granular access to data. It is now able to tailor audiences and create customized packages for its advertisers. Advertisers can view audience data and target their ideal users across each of Livingly Media’s sites. Examples of some of these first-party contextual and behavioral packages include: Fashion & Beauty, Food and Drinks, New Parents, Tech Savvy, Retail shoppers, and Women’s Wellness. The packages have really resonated with advertisers.

Improving the performance of campaigns 

Livingly Media now offers outcome based opportunities for advertisers that it works with. The publisher believes that viewability and completion rates are table stakes for marketing. It wants to ensure that advertisers can reach audiences in premium content brand safe environments while ensuring KPI goals are met. It has been able to improve campaign performance for its brands using richer data sets and tailored targeting. It can uncover niche audiences, for example ‘Moms with kids under 5 that buy healthy snacks’ or “Women in-market for gut-health wellness”

Grow its advertiser partnerships

Permutive’s Revenue Insights product allows Livingly Media to gain insights about audiences that brands are buying in Open Marketplaces. The publisher uses this information to help brands better define the audiences that they’re targeting and understand pricing. It also shares trends on content consumption and behavior on site. Now that Livingly Media has a DMP it can collect many more first-party data points to improve the scale of advertiser campaigns across all browsers. Sharing this data with advertisers has helped Livingly Media to build lasting advertiser relationships.

  • 5x

    increase in spend by a leading multinational advertiser is 2H 2020

  • 10%

    improvement on viewability above the brand benchmark

  • 3x

    deal revenue volume in Q4 2020 versus Q4 2019

  • 2x

    deal sell-thru rate year-over-year


Increased scale, performance and viewability on campaigns 

Livingly Media has worked closely with a variety of long standing partners to develop unique segments and insights. After realizing the accuracy and scale of Livingly Media’s first-party audiences, one leading Multinational advertiser increased spend by 5x starting in the second half of 2020. Livingly Media was able to save the advertiser money on third-party data costs and improve scale, performance and viewability of its advertising campaigns.

First-party data had a near immediate impact on the publisher’s commercial offering. Deal revenue in Q4 2020 was over triple its Q4’19 volume. Livingly Media was also able to double its deal sell-thru rate year-over-year.

See how Livingly Media partnered with Permutive

Future possibilities

Livingly Media’s goal for 2021 is to cement its position as a premier goto publisher for agencies and brands. In order to do this, it is focused on showcasing its unique content and first-party audiences through data. Using Permutive will help it to unlock more niche segments that fit the needs of its advertisers.

"Brands that work with Livingly Media are able to reach their precise, target audiences, while improving campaign performance and scale. By opting out of inefficient, expensive third-party data they’ve been able to maximize working media dollars."

Jonathan Penn, SVP Revenue, Livingly Media