White paper

The state of the publisher industry

May 21, 2019 10 min read

In partnership with Digiday, we surveyed over 200 publishers in the US and UK to understand their focus for 2019.

  • Uncover Where Publishers’ Priorities Sit in 2019. In our research we uncovered three key themes:

    1. Growing Advertiser Demand: One of the biggest priorities for publishers, but many feel unable to respond to RFPs and don’t believe in their ability to sell with data.

    2. Increasing Scale & Insights: To overcome third-party cookie blocking publishers are reducing their reliance on third-party data and increasing first-party data usage for ad targeting.

    3. Single Customer View: It’s of high importance to publishers. However, today, many are not ready for it as they don’t have the technology in place to achieve it.
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