Permutive is evolving from a DMP to an Audience Platform

July 15, 2021 3 min read

  • Alexandra Bannerman

    Senior Product Marketing Manager at Permutive

  • Permutive is evolving from a publisher-only DMP to an Audience Platform that enables premium advertisers and publishers to plan, build and activate cohorts — all while keeping everyone’s data safe. The unified platform is built on edge computing, so data is processed on the user’s device rather than the cloud, has privacy at its core, is ID agnostic, and enables publishers and advertisers to activate 100% of their audience at speed and scale across the open web.   

    With regulators keeping a close eye on digital advertising, recent updates to Apple’s privacy protections for iOS 15, and with third-party cookies being removed from Google Chrome by the end of 2023, the protection of consumer privacy in digital advertising is gaining momentum. Permutive’s mission is to rebuild data in advertising to protect privacy. Its Audience Platform safeguards the relationship between media buyers and sellers by enabling campaigns to be conducted in a privacy-safe environment without exposing any data. 

    Joe Root, CEO and Co-founder of Permutive, says: “The way media is traded is rapidly changing and is radically reshaping the relationship between publishers and advertisers. Permutive has always been privacy-focused, but more than a year ago, we made some strong bets that any identity solution in the bidstream which isn’t based on first-party data wouldn’t survive, let alone scale. 

    “Both advertisers and publishers need a sustainable, privacy-safe solution that not only safeguards them from the chaos going on in the industry but helps them grab the opportunities ahead of them. This is why Permutive is evolving from a DMP to an Audience Platform for both media buyers and sellers where first-party data owners can connect, plan and build cohorts, and activate campaigns without compromising on performance or data privacy.” 

    The protection of consumer privacy in digital advertising is gaining momentum


    Audience Platform allows publishers to collect, model and analyse large volumes of data that update in real-time. With no need for third-party cookies or IDs, publishers stay fully in control of their data. Publishers and advertisers can also match data via Permutive’s cleanroom functionality, Vaults, to understand commonalities between their audiences, scale-up limited numbers of authenticated users, and target across 100% of a publishers’ inventory.

    For advertisers, the platform enables them to connect with premium publishers across web, mobile, and CTV and reach their full audience with the precision, scale, and transparency of Publisher Cohorts. Publisher Cohorts target based on the description of a group of users, without reliance on individual user IDs in the bidstream, reducing the risk of data leaking into the ecosystem. Built by publishers based on consented first-party data, they allow for transparency about their creation and can be activated across browsers — avoiding the fragmentation of other solutions. 

    As data never leaves the platform, advertisers can maintain control over their data while matching from insights to activation without revealing it to publishers or exposing user IDs in third-party systems. Audience Platform is built for an ID-less world, so advertisers can eliminate risk and pre-empt further regulatory changes and without the use of universal identifiers. 

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