Clarín launches technology to revolutionise audience segmentation

November 27, 2023 2 min read

Clarín launches Proyecto Audiencias to transform advertising in Argentina and Latin America.

  • Clarín launches Proyecto Audiencias (Audiences Project), powered by Permutive’s Audience Platform, to transform advertising in Argentina and Latin America. This initiative redefines audience understanding, enhancing campaign performance and marking a significant shift in advertising practices. 

    Powered by Permutive’s edge technology, Clarín becomes the first publisher to capture more than 15 real-time parameters of users’ online behaviour, setting a new standard in detailed audience capture and revolutionising how Clarin’s audiences are perceived and leveraged. 

    “We are proud to be pioneers in capturing the attention of audiences in such detail. In addition, our adaptability to the new cookieless paradigm ensures the continuity of personalised and effective advertising solutions. This approach marks a milestone in the industry and consolidates Clarín as one of the market leaders in Argentina and Latin America,” said Matías Franco, Clarín’s Commercial Product Manager.

    The rollout of Proyecto Audiencias was not without its technical and operational challenges, and Clarín successfully overcame these obstacles. A rigorous testing period culminated in exceptional service for customers, reaffirming Clarín’s commitment to excellence and customer service.

    The impact of this initiative is reflected in success stories that show remarkable increases in campaign performance (CTR). Where CTR rates typically start at a modest 0.1%, Clarín has achieved increases of up to 9x, with a steady average of 4x growth in campaigns. This improvement has allowed for more accurate and effective communication with audiences.

    Proyecto Audiencias is supported by a dedicated team that provides a highly personalised 360° service. From automated real-time reporting to the development of innovative advertising propositions and in-depth data analysis, the continuous focus on click targets and CTR ensures that the impressions purchased generate greater value in terms of clicks.

    This direction represents the future of effective audience management, allowing users and customers to accurately connect and achieve targeted advertising placement to a genuinely interested audience. In addition, Clarín reaffirmed its commitment to protecting user data, prioritising the security and privacy of its customers at all times.

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