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Values of Permutive Events & Experiences


Through events, and experiences such as podcasts, webinars and customer roundtables, we build stronger relationships within our industry and support people who are championing change.

These are the core values of all event activities by Permutive, whether sponsored or organized under the Permutive or Make Possible banner:


Events are truly a team effort. We celebrate the time, effort and creativity that all speakers, co-organizers, suppliers and Permutive colleagues put into them.

Commitment to Our Customers

We use events to give our customers a platform to share their stories, and inspire their peers. Events are about letting our customers and other innovators in the ad industry shine.

Diversity and Inclusion

We realize that events play a huge role in the future of our industry and beyond, and offer us the opportunity and social responsibility to provide a balanced platform for all. At Permutive we set a good example by ensuring our events are more inclusive and diverse. We adhere by and promote Diversity & Inclusion at Conferences and Events (D.I.C.E.), which includes standards regarding contributions by women, non-white communities and young professionals.

We back initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion across media, with funds and our time. We underwrite the importance of the work done by many organizations, in particular but not exclusively Media For All (MEFA), Bloom and the Coders of Colour.


Events can always be better. At Permutive we seek out feedback from attendees, colleagues, peers and organizers. We always strive to hit an outstanding NPS score (50+, based on scores in attendee surveys).


We take the time of event attendees seriously. Sales pitches aren’t welcome. Events are about inspiration, education and actionable insights for professionals in the ad ecosystem and beyond.

You can’t buy yourself into a Permutive owned event. We do love to support charities chosen by contributors as a thank you for sharing their expertise and enthusiasm.

Safety and Accessibility

Permutive won’t be hosting in-person events until 2021 and won’t start them until it’s safe for attendees, contributors and suppliers. And when offline events are back, our Summits will go ‘hybrid’ – so people can continue to experience them from their (home) office.

To increase accessibility we also offer live subtitles for our events.