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The data
deprecation opportunity

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How publishers can reclaim their rightful place in the advertising contract

An exclusive presentation by Forrester 

The dynamics that make up the advertising contract, including advertisers, publishers and consumers, are in flux, leading to a data-sparse future with controlled points of access to consumer and audience data.

During our global customer summit, featured guest, Joanna O’Connell, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, detailed the practices that got the digital advertising industry to where it is today and offered insight into a future where continued data deprecation will shift the power towards publishers.  

We’re offering access to this exclusive presentation on how data deprecation is changing the digital landscape. Watch ‘The Data Deprecation Opportunity’ to discover:  

  • A complete overview of the forces that are impacting access to data 
  • The right questions to ask to deal with data deprecation
  • Why the power dynamic is shifting towards publishers  

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Duration: 30 mins