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Customer Data Infrastructure

Permutive’s CDI lets you make the data-driven decisions your business needs to grow diversified revenue. It eliminates the boundaries between your user data and powers real-time activation across revenue channels.

Instant insights

Your commercial teams have questions on cross-channel behaviour. Answer them instantly and accurately.

Smarter time

Free your data teams to focus on analysis rather than manual data stitching. They’ll deliver significantly more business value.

Lower costs

Send 200x less raw data to the cloud, and power your machine learning models more efficiently and accurately.

More engagement

Personalize your site to show the right users the content and offers they are most likely to respond to.

Push boundaries with the edge

That’s what you get. Here’s how it happens. Our CDI unifies user data on our edge processing platform, bringing scale, accuracy and speed to your data.

Full event collection

Flexible SDKs and APIs collect every interaction a user has with you. Across all touchpoints, to create a full picture.

Identity management

When a user takes an action, that data is attached to a consistent ID. For a holistic view across revenue channels.

Edge processing

The computation and aggregation is done locally on a user’s device. So you don’t have to send raw data back to the cloud.

In-session personalization

With data processed on the device, your segmentation, modelling and activation can happen in milliseconds to target passerby traffic.


Permutive integrates in real-time with a host of partners.

Solving the future of publishing

With ad revenues dwindling publishers need to collect, analyze and activate user data to power new revenue channels like subscriptions, ecommerce and affiliates. Permutive's CDI solves specific publisher challenges to make this possible.

Passerby traffic

50%+ of a publisher’s users are on-site for just seconds monthly. If you take more than milliseconds to identify and activate them, they're gone.

Avoid data silos

Without a CDI in place, you risk your data being stuck between teams. And days of laborious and error prone stitching to get a complete user view.