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Designed for publishers. Built by Permutive.

Why would a publisher use a marketer's tools? Our publisher data platform comes in two products that help you collect, analyze and activate your data in real time. Because nobody understands your audience better than you.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

See more users. Scale your segments. Increase your inventory. First-party insights that grow your data-driven ad revenue 4x.

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Permutive is the data platform designed exclusively for publishers. We built it using edge processing – where computations happen on the device that generates the data, rather than the cloud – for a faster, more scalable and more privacy-conscious platform.

Built for scale

No cloud storage means no cloud storage limits. If you have millions of monthly users with multiple data points, Permutive always shows the full picture.

Live targeting

Since you won’t have to wait for data to go to and from the cloud, you can target your users in milliseconds. At the first click, even for one-time traffic.

Privacy by design

We don’t rely on third-party cookies. So you can activate 100% of your audience, while making sure their personal data always stays personal.

“Whatever you think you know about your product or your audience, you haven't scratched the surface of what's possible.” David Hayter, Programmatic, Data and Technology Director at The Stylist Group