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Lookalike modeling

When: Wednesday, August 26th at 11am EDT / 4pm BST
Duration: 30 minutes

Permutive’s lookalike models help you to scale audiences of in-demand users. In this 30-minute webinar and demo, we’ll review how to build lookalike models and use them to target users. You’ll gain an understanding of the methodology behind Permutive’s models and how they can be useful for successful campaigns.

Cameron Draper from Permutive Support will be joined by Qing Wei, from Permutive Engineering, to learn how to build models and extend targeting with lookalike models.

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  • How models work
  • How to build a lookalike model
  • Lookalike modeling use cases
  • Customer success stories

About Permutive’s Product Best Practices series
We’ve designed a regular program of product training sessions to help our clients get the most out of Permutive. These sessions are specifically designed for DMP users to answer common queries and help you learn about Permutive’s innovative features. There’ll be an opportunity to ask our support experts questions. Sessions will be recorded and accessible after the event.