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Prioritizing first-party data in the age of privacy

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Understand how to adapt to the new ad ecosystem

In January 2020, Google announced that it will phase out third-party cookies in Chrome within two years. This decision has shaken up the ad industry, which uses third-party cookies for audience targeting. This series of three papers aims to address some of the emerging challenges and provide publishers with tips to prepare for the changes in the ecosystem.

In the first of our first-party data strategies series, we review changes in the ad ecosystem and why publisher first-party data will be the new ad currency. The report explains why buyers should switch to accurate first-party data from publishers for targeting.

Download part one of our new first-party data strategies series to learn:

  • How browsers are clamping down on third-party cookies and workarounds
  • The impacts on audience targeting
  • Risks for publishers if they do not adapt
  • Why publisher first-party data will be the new ad currency
  • The importance of user trust