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The Permutive Platform


In today’s digital world we demand an immediate, customized, experience across every channel, app and platform that we use.

Companies who are winning today are winning in real-time: Uber, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Amazon.

  • Traditional segmentation, analysis techniques and databases take 24 hours or more to deliver a personalized experience. This is no longer acceptable.
  • Less time on site means you have less time to react than ever before.  We have to react to users immediately, on whatever device or platform they are on.
  • At the same time, a rapidly fragmenting set of online channels and devices means the percentage of your audience who you can reach and monetize is dwindling.

Having one complete view of all your users, understanding & reacting in real-time, as users move across platforms, is essential.

Permutive is the real-time data platform for todays real-time world.

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How we do it

Permutive works in-session, moving segmentation & analysis from over-night to real-time, enabling you to understand and react to everyone who uses your service, everywhere, within milliseconds, without using 3rd party cookies.

The Permutive team are leaders in the field of real-time technology and have built the world's fastest data platform - allowing you to analyze, react, measure – all in real time – customizing a user’s experience even before the page has loaded.  This means you can give every user, even new ones, a uniquely personalized experience and which stays with them as they move platforms.

Permutive is unique


A totally new paradigm - the fastest data platform available today, using a totally new technology for capturing user activity data, analyzing and segmenting users in genuine real-time – the closest competitor takes 24 hours to do what Permutive does in milliseconds.


The only platform that works in session to deliver a customized experience even before the page has loaded, across all platforms and devices.

Third-party data on mobile

The only platform that works with in real-time with third-party data vendors, enabling you to target users in iOS mobile web.

Single customer view

The only platform that can capture every single piece of user activity and update segments in real-time, and hold that data for life.