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Are you prepared for the decline of cookies?

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The publishers’ guide to ITP 2.1

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is fast becoming a hot topic in the industry. Coupled with increasing regulation and consumers’ desire for privacy, its introduction has created many challenges for publishers reliant on third-party cookies to identify and generate insights on their audience and in-turn sell advertising based on this.

With Google announcing the introduction of similar measures, and Apple rolling out the next generation – ITP 2.1, we have put together a guide to help you navigate the upcoming changes.

Download our guide to understand:

  • What is Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)?
  • What is the aim of the ITP 2.1 change?
  • What impact it will have on publishers?
  • How to prepare for ITP 2.1?

ITP 2.1 presents an opportunity for publishers who have prepared, to meet both advertisers’ demands for audience insights and scale and consumers’ demands around privacy. Make sure you’re ready.