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The Total Economic Impact of a DMP

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Permutive on-demand webinar featuring Forrester

Data Management Platforms (DMP), like Permutive, help publishers understand and target valuable audiences on their sites. But quantifying their value can be challenging.

To help you understand whether your DMP is a cost center or revenue-generating investment we invited Forrester, an independent research firm, to discuss how they evaluated the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Permutive’s DMP in this webinar.

Catch-up on the live session and you will:

  • Understand how to value your DMP
  • Learn how to measure ROI
  • Develop a framework to report incremental revenue



Aphrodite Brinsmead

Aphrodite Brinsmead

Product Marketing Manager, Permutive

Jan ten Sythoff

Jan ten Sythoff

Senior TEI Consultant, Forrester