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Digital Trends
Goodbye Cookie,
Hello New Data Strategy

Watch the AdMonsters video here.

Digital Trends in discussion with AdMonsters.

There’s no straight replacement for the soon-to-be-departed third-party tracking cookie, so why would a publisher look for solutions that are simply bandages? The depreciation of the third-party cookie is transforming the digital advertising industry, so publishers better re-evaluate their whole data strategy.

Easier said than done, right? Fortunately, Digital Trends’ revenue team is here to share how they seized the moment and overhauled their entire data offering, and even building out a first-party data marketplace.

During this conversational recording, Rachel McCombs and Nathan Bell from Digital Trends share their long, transformative journey, and how they’re constantly iterating to improve their data story. You will also hear insights from Michael Ogunjobi, Senior Customer Success Manager at Permutive and our host Gavin Dunaway, Editorial Director at AdMonsters.

In this video from AdMonsters, you’ll learn:

  • Analyzing the overall revenue effect of the third-party cookie depreciation;
  • Investigating and evaluating potential solutions;
  • Building out a proof of concept;
  • Getting buy-in from power brokers;
  • Educating sales and other teams;
  • Maximizing the value of first-party data; and
  • Deploying new data solutions and products