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The Permutive Platform

Our world is characterized by the proliferation of devices that generate vast amounts of data.

Companies that connect, understand and activate this data at speed will gain a massive competitive advantage.

Take control of your data in one place using the Permutive platform to build a stronger business with diverse revenue streams.

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How we do it

The Permutive platform is built on edge computing. This gives publishers the ability to connect their user data in one place using secure and scalable technology.

The result is a significant increase in the quality and scale of data collected, so that publishers can drive more revenue and decrease costs.

Key Benefits of Permutive's Platform


Publishers can connect, organize and activate data immediately for faster analysis and decision making.


Deliver a customized experience even before the page loads across all platforms and devices.

Third-party data on mobile

Target users on iOS mobile web using third-party data vendors in real-time.

Single customer view

Capture every touchpoint, update segments in real-time and store that data forever — no more limited look-back windows.